18 May 2009

5 months since an update...

it's obvious now that its hard for me to take blogging seriously, this has turned into a journal for myself and a constant reminder on how much i don't like to recreationally write. i love reading these damn blogs but when it comes to making one of my own i seem to fall very very short...

anyways ->

school is almost over and the changing of seasons is in effect, my 20th anniversary of existence is about to be celebrated and for the first time i can start to feel the speed of life picking up. it feels like the birthdays come and go faster and faster every year, which gives me an almost daunting sense of reality and responsibility as i venture farther and farther away from my care-free years. as i pause to observe the reality that i participate in everyday, i find things to be very strange and surreal. the world i wake up in isn't the one that i thought it would be a year ago, and i'm not sure if its' my vision that was flawed or a mis-step in the course of life that landed me where i am today. regardless of my feelings in the present, my thoughts are always focused towards the unknown future and whatever promises or adversities it might bring. simply put "if it isn't working out just how you planned it, maybe your the one who doesn't understand it" -the grouch.

at least the yankees are pulling it around, arod putting in some work was a nice sight for sore eyes. as i'm writing this, a little sweep of the twins has just occurred and the yankees starting to show glimmers of the team thats going to win the AL east this year. granted there is still alot more work to do in the bullpen and starting pictching, but thats nothing 50 million cant fix. for the lakers... its about damn time they clean up the rockets, i was tired of looking at ron artest's terrible haircut plastered all over the screen for 7 games (around 6 1/4th if you count suspensions)

los angeles lakers in the western conference finals anybody?
time to add another year to the banner baby

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