14 October 2008

brilliant weekend

i came out 2 for 2 on my predictions and my boy kurt warner ended up having a decent game. the texas was one of the best i've ever seen and most likely the best game of the year, texas has earned the top spot of the country hands down. they are going to have a major battle to keep the #1 spot next week when they host #11 missouri.

entourage wasn't that bad either, it seems now-a-days every other episode is just a lead-in to the other. filled with pieces of never-ending plot that gets wrapped up in the next episode. contrary of previous seasons of entourage where almost every episode had some twist or scene that was the topic of conversation the next day. still, i cant wait till next sunday!

for all you mac fans, el jobso is dropping new macbooks today, and the guys over at engadget already have a sneak peak of what they look like. gotta love people who stay dedicated 24/7, they will also cover the "official" release of the new macbooks 10am pdt.

don't forget, new south park wednesday night on comedy central
until next time

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