10 October 2008

one small step for this blog, one giant step towards my interest...

due to the help of a good ol friend, miss rachel nguyen, i'm back to stay with this blog business. she made it decent enough for me to spend time tweaking and adding to this masterpiece. stay tuned for mass procrastination in the near future when it comes to updates.

( the list )
  • i am very grateful for the help i received in making this happen, for i was too lazy to create a foundation to build upon. head over to thats chic and scope almost 2 years of rachel's blurb about the fashion world and herself.
  • saturday: we have arguably the best day of college football all year, but two games in particular stand out. in the morning we have
    • 1 OKLAHOMA vs. 5 TEXAS - the red river rivalry is especially distinctive this year due to both teams being ranked in the top 5, and you can almost guarantee the loser will drop out of the top 5 and quite possibly the race for a national championship. texas is standing behind their star qb colt mccoy, and why wouldn't you, the guy has 16 touchdowns in 5 games and is leading the nation in completion percentage 79.2% (min 15 attempts). oklahoma has an equally hot qb of their own in sam bradford and a solid two-headed rushing game in demarco murray and chris brown. still i envision oklahoma having trouble walking into the cotton bowl and containing mccoy though the air and on the ground. i have texas upsetting oklahoma in a barn burner 24-23. early morning game for us on the west coast make sure to catch it on ABC at 9am pst
    • 4 LSU vs. 11 FLORIDA - at nightfall we have not only a great matchup between sec powerhouses but also marks the first time in history that the last two national championship teams will play against each other. after that blunder last time in the swamp, you can expect tebow and the gators to play with a little extra "sum-sum" on their shoulders this week, i have the florida over lsu 35-27. the game will be nationally televised on cbs so make sure to watch the eleventh ranked florida gators host the fourth ranked lsu tigers in gainesville, fa. 5pm pst
  • sunday: tune in to kurt warner around 1:15 pm pst to watch him toss up a storm against a injured cowboys secondary that are going to be missing a key players in terrence newman and roy williams. looks like the cowboys defense are going to be leaning on corners adam "pacman" jones and anthony henry to make big plays in an effort to try to stymie kurt warner's hot streak. for the sake of my fantasy team lets prey kurt signed himself up for at least 300 yards and 3 touchdowns this week. (coverage of the cardinals vs cowboys depends on your location) later in the evening, pan over to HBO for a new episode of entourage.
update hopefully after the weekend

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